Slipped On A Banana Peel

“Slipped on a banana peel” is a practical manual expecially intended for those women who are going, due to a painful couple separation, through a period of deep uneasiness, as well as for those women who tend to collect relationships with men of no use. In the first part we are going to pinpoint the situation by providing a picture of those common elements that people who tend to make  their own lifestyle out of their suffering do share. Getting involved into relationships with the wrong kind of men neither is something casual or depending on bad luck. A nice and crude fast-forward of those types of men that should better be left alone shall provide some useful inspirations in order to analyse with criticism those men whom unfortunately we are often pairing with. In the central part the Author briefly illustrates her own story, which is somewhat shared by many women who try to head for a different epilogue to a life that sometimes, after some painful and unsatisfying experiences, appears to be almost outlined. Then the turning point, thanks to a research process involving many disciplines, which led her, in little more than a year, to radically change her own way of thinking, therefore her life. Her deep belief in solidarity between women moved her to draw this book, which is intended to be a support and a concrete help to all those who feel unable to find a path in order to take their experiences to a turning point. In the third part, a path is drawn in order to take the reader to a rebirth, like a Phoenix is reborn from her ashes, thus turning all negative events into instruments to get an opportunity to search and find every necessary resources in order to radically change their own life.

“The person we want to become is already inside us. All we have to do is lending an helping hand in order to make her emerge”

Loredana Mazzone

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