This book was created with the purpose of providing a simple and fast methodic to all women going through a period of uneasiness, and often confusion, when they are struck by a radical change in their lifestyle due to a couple separation.
It matters little if our man was an husband or just a partner. Distress is often tremendous, even if the relationship hasn’t lasted for a long time. The intensity of a relationship isn’t strictly related to a long time frame, but to the feautures of the relationship itself. Summary has been chosen here as an essential ingredient to avoid boring the reader and to get him to the end of the book, and to give easily-enjoyable hints that may serve as stimulus to the beginning of a new life. In order to fully enjoy these shared contents, the lone suggestion is to read with light-heartedness, trying to be observers while taking the time needed to reflect on those parts whom are considered the most interesting ones. Often, reading generates emotions or questions on which we don’t stop and provide an answer. Take note of any phrase or word that provokes a stirring in your soul, this is fundamental in order to begin working on ourselves. Start from there, and while continuing to read you will find out that your rebirth has already begun, naturally and without particular efforts. Moreover, I invite you to be curious and to get into the topics. In this regard I will suggest you to read a series of books which will provide you with a different view about life and about yourselves. Don’t stop, having bought this book was not accidental, you searched and found something you were in need of. Picking one way instead of another is a consequence of freedom. The path within yourselves is already drawn. Walk through it, go on and you will find the answers to your questions. Everything is possible, we and only we are the makers of our own destiny.
Life is a car, all we have to do is learning to drive it!
Enjoy your reading

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